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From the introduction of the 557hp outboard in 2010, Seven Marine has been at the forefront of development of outboard engines ever since. The progressive development and refinement of its product has meant that Seven Marine is now able to offer boaters three different horsepower options and the ability to customize Seven Marine outboards with application specific gear boxes, LED lighting and colour options.  




The new 527 is an application engineered outboard designed specifically for the changing needs of big outboard boats. A premium outboard broadening access to the improved big boat outboard experience

THE NEW 577s

The luxury outboard for customers that choose the ultimate power experience. Engineered to maximize mid-range torque for efficient and reliable cruising, the 577s propels the largest outboard boats further than before.

THE NEW 627sv 

The new 627sv represents the next evolution in big boat power. Delivering industry leading power and torque, the 627sv propels the largest outboard boats on the market inspiring confidence in the roughest conditions.

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